In addition to being a successful musician, Thaddeus is also the author of two books:

    "Can’t Catch Me"

    This story is about a little boy who imagines he is so fast nothing can catch him, not a train, an eagle not even an avalanche. The most important thing is not what he runs from but who he runs to.
    "The Ultimate Jazz Method"

    This book was designed to provide improvisational skills, theory, history, jazz language, melodic patters, original tunes based on traditional chord progressions, and important musicians that helped developed jazz music. It is a self-contained book with 12 sequential lessons that is written for the entry level to the advanced jazz player who would like to further their jazz skills.

    Each lesson covers an era of jazz beginning with the early period of the blues to modern jazz. This edition is self-guided with objectives and goals. It covers a wide range of information along with helpful hints and solutions that will guide the student towards learning to improvise and learning to play jazz. It is well constructed and easy to follow for anyone who is not experienced or an expert in the field of jazz.
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